Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stamping your nails

“Stamping your nails is a unique creativity that expresses your thoughts, personality, desires, tastes, and color selection.”
" Just follow the latest fashion, style, and trend to look perfect by all angles."

I have a close friend; her name is Sarah. She lives just three miles away of my home and we do different things together including experimenting with our beauty, hairstyles, and nails. However, we have never tried anything that can be harmful for our skin or body.  Where we love to try out different beauty products at the same time we are very conscious about the safety of your skin. It’s indeed a blessing of God to have a smooth, shinning, and glowing skin.  I learned stamping the nails from her and later in this article I am going to show you how to stamp your nail with less effort and more ease.
Pink and silver nail stamping

 Now let’s get back to the topic, which is the art of stamping your nails and procedure of doing it perfectly. Anyone can stamp their nails with different figures, shapes, and colors. Creativity in making a sketch or figure is all what you need to draw something on the nails.  However, if you don’t know anything about it, I would suggest you to start-off stamping your nails using high-quality kits like Konad and Salon Express. These two brands offer best products in the line-up of manicure, pedicure, and nail stamping.  A nail art kit could be either expensive or cheap depending on the nail design that you want to have done at your nails. Before you invest money on a kit and buy it keep in mind that it will be risky to experiment with your nails, because they are generally very sensitive to chemicals and polishing products. You should refrain from buying low-quality and substandard nail art kits just to save your some dollars.  If any kit comes with a hefty price tag it means it has a unique, brilliant, and gorgeous design to offer.
Purple and silver nail stamping- bushes in the design

For women, nails are one of the most noticed parts of the body.  Whether you are working in the office or writing something on your desk or communicating with your colleges, your nails will always get the attention of people around you.  They say that the facial appearance has more weight when it comes to weigh down the bodily appearance.  I don’t agree with other people, because I believe that nails are as important as other body parts are. They can make you look clumsy or beautiful providing how you take care of them to make yourself noticeable.  Gone are the days when you have had to buy the same nail enamels from the market (red, pink, and brown) to create an impression. Today, you can do even more, like you can have a unique design applied to your nails to have fun and to boast of your personality. The same design can be used for a week or two; and the design can be changed every day upon your personal desire. That how you want to look decides your nail design if you want to wear the same nail design or not. 

Illusion of bubbles on the base of pale yellow nail polish

A black batman design on the surface of glittery royal blue nail polish
White chess board on the dark green nail polish

Random flowers in white color on violet nailpolish
Normally, a simple nail design is created and applied by a professional beautician. Nevertheless, it is an easy way of adorning your nails and having a design of your choice done within hours, but it is costly as well. What if you want to have different figures designed onto your nails everyday? Nobody can afford to spend $35 everyday just to get a design done. So, the easiest alternate is nail art kit. The kits does the same as a nail art beautician or designer does, but you have to do everything yourself.

Here is a simple guide on how to use a Nail Stamper/kit:
Ø      First of all, you need to pick up a good design. One nail art kit allows you to benefit from one nail design at the time only.
Ø      The second step is to pick a nail polish color. All types of nail stamping kits come with a set of 12-15 nail polishes or more.  But, there is always one bottle of special nail polish that you can use to stamp your nails. Pick any good colors. I would suggest you to go for the white shade, it’s the best color to use as a stamper, being light it is visible, clear, and bright.
Ø      Now it’s the time to avoid skimping out the nail polish and designing the design on the metal place. Cover the plate with a good coat in a nail polish.
White tie with one silver stone in the center on the base of pink nail polish
Ø      This step requires a close attention, because it will decide the look of the final nail stamping. You need to take the thin sheet of metal and adjust it somewhere next to the design that you have just covered with the coats of nail polish. Apply high pressure on it and then swipe it as soon as you can.  Try to remove the excess amount of nail polish while you swipe the metal.  If you have done it correctly, the end result should be the design that you wanted to have.

Additional tips:
1.      If you crave for the best stamping nails, you should try to perform quickly. Be as fast as possible in applying the nail polish. The faster you do it the better results you will get.
Thin black lines on the base of blue-grey nail polish
2.      To beautify the design you can make the use of rubber nail stamper that is circular in its shape with a rubber at the bottom. When you press it on the design you actually push the excessive nail polish out of the nooks of the design.
3.      After taking the nail stamper away from the metal you should be both focused and quick in putting the stamp onto the nail where design is to be created.  Crossing the stamper is a key to getting an interactive shape. 
4.      If you are done correctly with one nail, your further nail stamping effort should replicate the design onto other nails as well. If you don’t get the perfect results in a one ago or the second, you can repeat the process to have the best result.