Thursday, May 3, 2012

things that all guys can do, but girls can’t do

The 17 Things
1. Standup and go to the toilet
2. Pwn at COD
3. Park a car properly – we all know that woman are rubbish at parking
4. Go topless, sure woman can go topless on some beaches, but men can do it anywhere!
5. Hold our drink – Sorry ladies, we’re genetically wired to pack it away a lot better than you.
6. Grow a beard
7. Build up a flat pack without instructions
8. Shave our heads (wothout looking weird)
9. Play real sports, such as rugby
10. Fertilise eggs
11. F**k things 17 things that all guys can do, but girls cant do
12. Age well
13. Wear a condom
14. Scratch out “bits” without looking weird
15. Work “electrical” things without messing everything up
16. Cut the grass in the garden properly
17. Change a spare wheel on a car