Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Is Oral Pleasure 'The Best' Post Marriage?

Oral Pleasure

Many are into a misconception that foreplay is always done before marriage as it is safe and doesn't bother much but that shouldn't be the case with the happily married couple.

Oral lovemaking can be a part of foreplay post marriage. The couple will have lot of option to get excited and reach orgasm. Time plays a crucial role for the couple to reach orgasm and foreplay accompanied with oral pleasure (oral lovemaking) make men and women enjoy the time limit maximum.

Advantages Of Oral Pleasure Post Marriage

  • Many a times women will often complain that they are not in a mood for lovemaking. The reasons are too many such as work pressure, lack of rest, menstruation etc etc but men are generally interested more often and during that case oral lovemaking helps in a great way.
  • Anal penetration, blow job is safer and provide maximum pleasure to the man in bed. Ask men and they will say that women always have a starting problem when it comes to foreplay, a little effort needs to be made to bring them to mood and they are ready for more than what men expect.
  • Men need to do some magic to make women enjoy oral pleasure, a good present (hot lingerie), sharing household work (if late) and pampering her with care will make her enjoy and take things the right way.
  • Foreplay after marriage is more fun as the couple have ample time for each other. They can plan the days and go on for however long, nothing can stop them.
  • Another advantage of foreplay after marriage is that it is safe and helps couple who are not planning for kids. They can make love however long they want and nothing will disturb or worry them during the time.
Married couple always lose interest in the physical act and get bored too quickly but oral pleasure which can happen through foreplay can keep the fire alive all their life, no matter however old they get.