Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips To Make Passionate & Erotic Love!

Passionate Lovemaking

Lovemaking is the most passionate and intimate way to express your love for your partner. However, woman are not that expressive when it comes to lovemaking. She might be passionate but she takes a lot of time to show her passion in orgasm. If you want to have a wild and passionate lovemaking session, take a look at these tips to make love erotic and satisfying.

How to make passionate love? Tips for sensual and spicy lovemaking:

Know your fantasies: To make the lovemaking session exciting, know what you want to do since years and what can make you happy in bed. Share your fantasies with your partner and build her interest to try it.

Go with the flow: To make love passionate, it is best to go with the flow. Don't think about how you look and what will your partner think. Just enjoy the moment and make each other comfortable. Both men and women think a lot while making love. It is a moment when both needs to be comfortable and not the time to think about how things are going as the drive of orgasm doesn't make your partner think all this!

Use candles or sensual fruits: For a passionate lovemaking session, use scented candles or sensual fruits to make love. You can use grapes, strawberries or chocolate cream to make the orgasm session spicy and erotic! Scented candles add to the romantic mood and ambiance of the bedroom. Woman love to make love in the dark or in candle lights.

Love foreplay: To have a passionate orgasm, both of you should love foreplay. This not only makes the session more wild but also increases the time of reaching climax. A woman loves foreplay and this is an effective tip to make lovemaking passionate.

Don't be shy: For a satisfying and passionate orgasm, leave the shy feeling before hand. He is your partner and there is nothing to feel shy. Try new lovemaking positions to keep the spark of romance and orgasm alive.

Try these tips to make lovemaking passionate and erotic.