Saturday, September 10, 2011

YouTube Most Ridiculous Workout Videos

Many Youtube visitors are obviously totally obsessed with fitness films (which is ironic because it actually burns 40 calories an hour just to sit and click on the links).

1.English language course-training

2.Shake Weight

I wonder what the inspiration for this form of exercise came from …

3.Training with sudden close encounter

Actually a bit more of a fail, but completely irresistible to include here.

4. Poodle Exercise

Incredibly scary. What happened to her arms?

5. Weightlifting on the ball

bad idea…

6. Laughter and Training

Imagine encountering them in a dark alley. Or just walking past them on the set.

7. Just Funny

“We gonna squeeze those cheeseburgers out of those hips”

8. Jazzercise Fitness

10. Blue fox’s training technique

Homemade video with extra sweat capacity.