Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Men Love In Bed While Making Love?

Women often believe that men just want orgasm on the bed but it is not actually limited to lovemaking. Men also love few things on bed which excited them and makes them go crazy while making love. To have a fun and fulfilling lovemaking life.

Lets check out what men love on bed:

1. Men love bad girls and every man fantasizes to be wild and raw on the bed and girls are generally shy so the man dreams of a bad girl who will take him to the world of raw lovemaking. Just like girls love bad boys, men also love bad girls. Men love to make love to a girl who loves orgasm and is expressive.

2. Men love getting caressed on bed. Women should love him on his back, neck, ears, shoulders and chest. Giving love bites, scratching with nails and moaning makes them feel good.

3. A man likes getting feedback after the lovemaking session from his partner. He feels encouraged to know about his act and boosts his ego if he is giving the girl pleasure. Tell him how you felt during the session, what you liked and didn't like.

4. Men love to imagine. Use sensual acts like a sensual undressing and dirty gestures as a man likes it.

5. Men love perfection on bed. Being perfectly and wonderfully dressed makes him feel great while making love. Even cleanliness makes a man go crazy on the bed.

6. A man likes to be felt desired on bed so he expects his partner to be aggressive at times to make him feel that you are satisfied and happy with him. Men love it when women seduces them as it makes them feel in need.

7. Give a mouth job. Men are crazy to get mouth jobs. Don't forget to indulge in oral sex before orgasm.

8. Sometimes men love to be guided during lovemaking on bed. Tell him what he should do and equally participate to make the session interesting and playful.

9. Men love dirty talks on bed. A small dirty sentence can make him excited in seconds. Use it effectively to excite a man.

10. Men love women on top lovemaking position. They also love doggy style lovemaking position. Try these lovemaking positions to give him full pleasure. It is also exciting for women so don't feel hesitated.