Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hayao Miyazaki’s 7 BEST Movies

Directing from his own handwriting’s ,Hayao Miyazaki can take any story and mold it to his likeness, creating across 10 films a thematically consistent, rich and rewarding universe.
Legendary anime movie maker. He collaborated with long time film company, Studio Ghibli. He has directed ten fantastic films, as of 2011, having made his first feature length film in 1979. But it wasn’t until 1984, when people really started getting intrigued by his films, as he had marvelous story telling.

7. Ponyo

Ponyo is a amazingly drawn animated film, with astonishing visuals that improved over his other films. It’s a story about a young boy who finds a humanoid goldfish, who desperately attempts to be a human girl.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

Another one of Miyazaki’s newer films, Howl’s Moving Castle is an epical story of a young girl cursed by a witch and turned into an old woman. While entering the realm of witches and wizards, she enters Howl’s mysterious moving castle.

5.Porco Rosso

Miyazaki’s most romantic film stars his most decidedly unromantic hero: an Italian Air Force pilot transformed into a cynical anthropomorphic pig. Porco Rosso hangs out inside a remote island in the Adriatic Sea, scuffles with local pirates, and discusses life and love with his would-be romantic interest, a lounge singer named Gina.

4. My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is the story of 2 young girls who move to the village . The girl’s soon find a giant bunny-like spirit called Totoro. Together, they have amazing adventures as Totoro reveals his magic abilities, most notably growing trees.

3. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

The first ever Studio Ghibli movie, and you can see why. This movie was Hayao’s 2nd movie ever. The epic story revolves around a young woman, Nausicaä, as she desperately tries to protect a race of giant insects from enemy soldiers.

2. Castle in the Sky

Possibly the best story telling of all, out of any Miyazaki films. Castle in the Sky, considered an epic itself, is the 2nd Studio Ghibli film. It tells the story of a young princess, Laputa, who wears a magic necklace that has the ability to lead people towards the legendary flying castle in the sky.

1. Kiki’s Delivery Service

In the creation of Miyazaki’s fifth movie, witches are real and, at age 13, they ceremoniously leave home to find a town unoccupied by another witch. Teenage witch Kiki, cheery if insecure, settles seaside in a city called Koriko and begins an air courier service. The film is beloved for its warm characters and metaphors on growing up (adolescence drains Kiki of her powers, and it’s a test of courage and faith to get them back), but extra praise should be lavished on its design. Koriko is a lively, bustling amalgamation of several European locations, effectively creating a city as a secondary character.