Saturday, September 10, 2011

Five Ways to Understand the Universe Size

The universe is 13.7 billion years old with a visible diameter of at least 93 billion light years? Therefore I have collected a few examples to illustrate how big the universe actually is.

1.Scales of the Universe

This is an example where you can zoom in and out, from the smallest element of our lives as we can possibly imagine, out past the viruses, people, Mount Everest, planets and solar systems, the way out to the entire universe. The only difficult grip sizes and distances will be here at least a little easier to understand.

2.The known universe

American Museum of Natural History in New York with the Swedish-developed graphics engine UniViewcreated a completely unique film in minutes takes us from the Himalayan peak, all the way to the only picture we have of our entire universe. It is about a movie like this needed to our brains to understand, because of the difficulty of understanding how big this really is.

3.Star Size Comparison HD

How big is earth compared to the sun? And how big is the sun compared to the biggest star we have found in the universe? And it is fortunate that not even this excellent comparison of the film can helps us understand it fully, so we know we might be experiencing life as completely meaningless.

4.The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

Hubble Ultra Deep Field is a project where the Hubble Space Telescope managed to take pictures of galaxies from the so-called dark ages (about 13 billion years ago), shortly after the “Big Bang”.It is the deepest image of the universe ever taken in visible light, and the image contains nearly 10 000 galaxies.This film puts the image in context, trying to explain how it was, and telling us a little about what this means. The only thing I almost understand is that there is so much out there.

5.The Most Distant Galaxies Ever Seen

The same man who made the film above the Hubble Space Telescope made a new one when there was another picture, this time even deeper into space. Here we see the solar system that is only a few hundred million years younger than the Big Bang itself. So we see almost back to the creation of everything – everything that actually exists. It is a completely grotesque idea, not the human brain is designed to be able to understand. But we can try.And you get just a little goose bumps …Well, then maybe you are closer to one day understand a percentage of all these riddles.