Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Weirdest iPhone Applications

The best thing about an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch are the apps, right? But for every genius app there is that educates us, improves our lives in the simplest ways and entertains us there are those that leave us perplexed and confused by their sheer absurdity. From restaurant and cash machine finders to fart sounds, the latest travel info and news on the go to a montage of cute cats!? Yes, here I present ten of the very weird and wonderful iPhone apps that will leave you with hours of fun or confusion. Enjoy.

1. iBlackout (59p)

Image source - iphoneclub

Lost your keys in the dark? Had a blackout and need to find some candles? Well have no fear because iBlackout is designed for such a dark occasion. With this app the screen of your iPhone will be turned into a bright white light, like that of a torch, which will provide you with the sufficient light to find whatever you need. There are other types of lights you can choose from too, just in case you are planning on having a disco or something. You can even choose to turn your screen into a roaring fire, which can help set the mood if you and a special someone are planning on sharing a night of cosiness…

2. Cat Photo Clock Light (free)

Image source -

If you need to know the time and happen to love our feline friends then make sure to download this app. Not only will you be able to see the exact time and date but you will also be treated to unique pictures of cute little kittys posing for the camera (as pictured). A scrolling slideshow reveals more than one kitty as well, even better!

3. Annoy-a-Teen (59p)

Image source - news.cnet

If a gang of hooded youths are blocking your entrance to an inviting alleyway then pull out your iPhone and before they can whip the device out of your hand play this app. It uses high-frequency sounds only young people can hear. When they’re all convulsing on the floor with their hands pressed up against their ears shouting “No more please!” you will feel like a super-hero as you step over the teens writhing on the ground and enter that alleyway.

4. iBeer (£1.19)

Image source - electricpig

Download this app and then watch in amazement as your iPhone screen fill up like a pint glass filled with the sweet amber nectar of a thirst-quenching beer. You’ll be even more amazed when you tilt the gadget towards your mouth and it looks like you are drinking the beer! You’ll be less amazed to find out though that you won’t actually get drunk off this app…sorry to disappoint.

5. iFart (Free)

Image source - bwithers

Do I really need to explain what this app does? If you love toilet humour then you will thoroughly enjoy the sounds this app has to deliver. It has an extensive library of flatulence sounds so this will keep you amused for about 8 minutes, unless you really like toilet humour in which case this app will never grow old.

6. iSteam (59p)

Image source - ymedialabs

Quite random but so clever nonetheless. iSteam covers your screen in a virtual condensation, which you can then write on with your finger – just like you would on a steamed-up bathroom mirror! Depending on which app you have to resteam your screen all you have to do is blow into the microphone or give the gadget a shake. What’s even better is that when scrawling you will hear the realistic sound of squeaks and the water droplets from your messages. You can use any image stored on your device too.

7. Multi-colour Concert Lighter (59p)

Image source - macworld

Created especially for people who love to go to live gigs and whip out their lighters for “that lighter song” every artist has, this is the 21st century safety-first lighter complete with multi-coloured swaying virtual flame. Please note that you will not be able to light your cigarette with this app.

8. Hold On! (Free)

Image source - mainstreet

One of the most pointless apps there are! All you have to do is to see how long you can press a virtual button while it records your time. That time gets submitted to your own personal league so then when you play it next you simply have to beat your own personal best…has anyone ever downloaded this app, seriously? At least it’s free, that’s all I can say!

9. Drunk Dialer (59p)

Image source - 40cozy

If you have a habit of calling ex-lovers when you are drunk, or you’re prone to ringing your boss when inebriated to let them know who you feel, or you simply fancy a chat with whoever you can dial first in your phone book when legless then this app may actually come in handy. When accessed you will be required to hold the phone as steady as you can, which should be simple enough when sober and not so much when drunken. Note that the keywords in that sentence are “when accessed”. Yes, you will need to access this app before it works so when you’re drunk…good luck with that.

10. Rimshot & Crickets (Free)

Image source -

Ever watched a sitcom and wished you could have a soundtrack to your life? Well now you can thanks to this delightful app. For every occasion you can have the necessary sound at a press of a button. To highlight the hilarity of your joke why not get the badum-tish sound of the cymbals out? If a joke has not had any laughs then why not get the sound of the crickets out and imagine a tumbleweed rolling by? Perhaps you’ve contributed a very impressive fact to the group and want to give yourself a round of applause or for a misfortunate incident you could get the old classic wah-wah-wah trombone noise out? See, a sound for every occasion!